The Project

What is the project?

We are currently building capital to make a documentary film about homeoprophylaxis, the homeopathic method of immunization, and its effects worldwide. The question is, does homeoprophylaxis work, and if so, is it a viable alternative to vaccines?

We plan to travel to Cuba, Africa, India, Australia and around the US filming and researching how this technique may or may not be working to prevent disease.

When parents are faced with the vaccine dilemma, it feels as though there are only three choices, vaccinate, don't vaccinate or selectively vaccinate--homeoprophylaxis is a choice that is rarely offered. This film will probe into the latter option, interviewing the community of people who already trust homeopathy, as well as parents in the midst of the vaccine debate, doctors of all types and scientists researching the effectiveness of this form of immunization. We aim to examine all sides of this issue and present something that investigates prophylaxis against the colorful backdrop of the world around it.

What is homeoprophylaxis?

Homeoprophylaxis is the homeopathic method of immunization that can be used instead of vaccination.

Does it protect people and children from disease?

There is significant research using blood titer draws indicating that children using homeoprophylaxis do develop antibodies to the diseases in question.

There is a large body of evidence supporting both the safety and effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis.

What evidence indicates that homeoprophylaxis actually works?

  • In Cuba, prophylaxis has been used on 2.5 million people to stop an epidemic of leptospirosis.
  • Over 65,000 children in Brazil were treated in a region of Brazil, eradicating a meningitis outbreak.
  • 40,000 people were given the homeopathic prophylactic Lathyrus sativus during a polio outbreak in Buenos Aires in 1975. None of them developed polio.
  • In 1996, 175,000 people in India were treated in two days during a cholera outbreak. Immediately following there were no more incidents of death and in 10 days the outbreak was stopped.
  • Here, in the US and in many other countries, kits are available to immunize your child without toxins. Several large scale research projects of the children being immunized with homeoprophylaxis are underway.
  • Children in Colombia have had blood titer draws showing antibodies have developed for all of the homeoprophylaxis immunizations they have received.
  • Isaac Golden has a body of over 20 years of research on nearly 3,000 case studies in Australia and the children treated with homeoprophylaxis were the healthiest across the board throughout their lives when compared with children vaccinated with classical vaccines, non-vaccinated children and children treated with classical homeopathy.

There have been many other large projects implementing homeoprophylaxis. We will be looking at them in depth while making the film.

How can I help?

If you would like to help make this project possible, donations are welcomed via paypal or check. Just click the donate button and use a credit card to help fund the project or send us a check to the address listed in the sidebar. Your name will be included in the credits of the film.

If you might be a person we should interview, please send us an email at

Can I sign my child up?

If you would like to use homeoprophylaxis as a vaccine alternative, some options are available at